What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search Engine Optimization

Hi buddy my name is John Fisher welcome to concierge SEO services concierge you know what that means and you know what I love that word counts the urge and that’s the kind of service we’re going to give you SEO stands for search engine optimization and of course services you know what that means let’s talk about SEO search engine optimization what that means is when we build a website for you we’re going to build a website that a has visibility, in other words, when you punch in Google or wherever you go whatever you’re since the search engine is you’re going to be able to find us, number two; then you’re going to be able to use various keywords and that those keywords such as puppy puppy dogs mini pins, German Shepherds whatever it is you’re looking for is something that we have chosen as a keyword and we’re looking for it I mean, there’s a way of using

Those keywords to actually reach out and to actually market your product there’s pay-per-click which we don’t like and as of course organic and what we do is we bring these people to you through the search engines by optimizing your website and it’s what we call search engine optimization Google we give Google every possible shot to be able to have you find us or have the audience find your company you have any questions call me John Fisher five six

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What is seo (search engine optimization)