Hey everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to conciergeseoservices.com. What I want to talk to you about today is actual website design trends actually we’re in the business here. Website design trends happens to be a key word that I’m looking to target and I’m targeting this particular keyword by doing this video this is part of what we do. Now there’s website design trends and there’s also the SEO part and there’s organic SEO and there’s pay-per-click SEO and there’s all kinds of different things, but you know website design trends it’s like an art and I think you have to be an artist and I think every particular website has its own degree of you know whatever it is that you bring to the table . I own salesleads.tv I’ve been in business 32 years, I have an A+ rating, I’ve got maybe 30 sites that do nothing, but sell accredited investors, numismatic coins, stuff like that. I have toysforbigboys.com and it’s a dupont registry kind of like a high-end classy rob report type of website. You know what you know we got a nice theme going we’ve worked a lot and it’s a beautiful website and it’s one of the websites I’m proud of. If you want to have some fun you want to see a design my one of my cockatiels flew away this woman got a hold of him that she owns a bird place Brenda’s birds and she sold my bird then it even gave me a chance to adopt my bird or rescue my bird back. She just sold it and when I called up and I said hey do you have my bird she said oh no we only have a yellow cockatiel there is no yellow cockatiel. So she lied to me, her people lied to me and guess what I said give me my bird back or I’m really good with the internet and you’re going to pay the price. I want my bird back and I got my bird back she had swat waiting for me she said I raced up but not a parking lot I mean this woman lies like a rug and I told her hey you know what I got my bird back thank you very much. If you want the website back apologize to me and in six months I’ll hand it over to you. I’ll give you the URL, I’ll give you the website you can do whatever you want to do with it but you owe me an apology and she hasn’t apologized that’s a pretty crazy thing not to apologize and be able to take a website down. Ocwen you ever hear Ocwen the mortgage guys have ripped me off try to take my house from me man I’m not the only one billions and billions of done yeah David knocked out goliath okay it’s ocwencomplaints.com I don’t know why single-handedly really knocked him out but I definitely did enough harm and had enough people come to that website to go exactly where I showed him to go to the feds and to have the feds do what had to be done. You know that’s another one you know so the power of website design and website design trends is amazing it’s just amazing. You know what yeah there’s all kinds of different kinds of new concepts and whatever to me it’s hard to apply anything to a particular business so I’m like an artist I see the business and then my mind goes and then the actual design is based on you know the concept the story I want to tell and the most important of all you know the capture of the audience and make him make a move you know call to action. That’s what I do so I’m a successful entrepreneur I have many businesses and you know what I’m the guy that got sick and tired of getting ripped off by these web design companies and web page and whatever and I said to myself I’m going to do it myself. I got tired of pay-per-click I thought it was a tall rip-off and I did it myself I did organic so if that’s the kind of guy you want I’m my best customer and now I’m opening the doors and I’m going to do a couple of guys because you know I have a crew and the culvert has slowed down my lead business. I want an extra income stream and I want my guys to make more money and I’m going to get them involved in this deal and actually make them partners let them make some extra money themselves. I want to teach my people how to become entrepreneurs so one day when I’m not here they could you know continue my legacy and the bottom line is and I love my people you know and I love the entrepreneur and it’s a beautiful thing and you know what they have the ability to do it and we have been doing it over and over again and again. If you’re looking for unique website design trends call conciergeseoservices.com 561-239-0364 thank you so much for your time and god bless.