Case overview

(Boca Raton, FL) – Toys for Big Boys, a luxury company designed to provide high-end luxury items for affluent connoisseurs, has launched a new website, new website lists dozens of distinctive products for sale, including everything from high-performance cars and yachts to drones, electric surfboards, and unique sculptures. Each listing includes a brief description of the product and several dramatic photos that highlight the best features.Listings on the new Toys for Big Boys website are upscale “toys” produced for the most discriminating consumers. Many items the site displays are custom products, completed by bespoke companies that only build the final product when customers place their orders.The Toys for Big Boys team continuously searches out the latest gadgets, technological products and adventure toys that appeal to well-to-do consumers who want to experience unique pieces that are difficult to find anywhere else.The site itself is built to be highly visual, displaying the sleek curves, dramatic landscapes and technological advances that make these products so appealing. Photos rotate through the front page in an appealing manner designed to draw your eye to the best features.“This is a cutting-edge site superior to anything else in the marketplace,” said John Fischer, president of Toys for Big Boys. “We are confident we offer the best selection of luxury objects anywhere.”The site offers an easy-to-use search feature as well as a product listing by categories and tags. Popular ones include Yachts, Automobiles (Classic Cars, Hovercrafts and more), Simulators (High-definition Golf, Motion Simulators) and Water Toys (amphibious planes, submarines and jetpacks).The company differentiates itself as the leading classified site online. Each product listing has an overview of what you could possibly have very soon in your hands.

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