Hi everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to conciergeservices.com. So if you’re looking for a responsive web design let’s talk about that. You know responsive web design is when somebody goes to the actual website something happens and you know what the best way for that something to happen is to engage your audience as I am engaging you right now. Now you know what not everyone has the talent to be articulate, not everybody has the talent to be able to sell and make a point and be able to use the video to to sell and to put your product out there. I’m able to do that so if I go to your company and you don’t have a John Fischer working for him you’re going to have to hire someone like John Fischer to do the videos. You see I’m a sales person a pure salesman and the bad part about your product is that it’s not the product that sells it’s the salesman that sells the product. We used to say it’s not the steak it’s a sizzle and the bottom line is the leads are as good as the people that are calling him or the website is as bad as whoever designed it. The bottom line is the response come from getting the actual audience to be captured without a video you’re not capturing anything. I mean really they’re all cookie cutter they’re boring and the important thing is to create the actual video and then there’s a strategy that you use with keywords, which I won’t let you know, unless you become my customer, but I can give you a couple examples of what a badass I am. I’m a caveman you know I’m not really that technical I just got sick and tired of getting ripped off from various companies building websites for me and I said to myself even as old as I am, I said you want something done you got to do it yourself. I put a team together and you know we do quite well, if you look at some of our websites I’ll give you a couple of them. SalesLeads.tv, you can look at toysforbigboys.com we all built those. Right now brand new one it’s just being built immuneshield.tv a tremendous nutritional product enzymes and if you want to have some fun see what happens when you piss me off you can go to brendasbirdscomplaints.com. My bird flew away and she got the bird to try to sell them instead of doing what a good rescue person should do is hold on to that bird you don’t want to mess with me. Ocwen that’s that mortgage company that’s ripped off billions of dollars take a look at ocwencomplaints.com that’s me that’s what happens when Ocwen pissed me off. I got a more recent one right down the block the gym that kept charging for my ex-girlfriend and she hasn’t even been to the gym for a year she has problem with her heart second day I left the gym and they’re still charging her for it. That’s palmbeachgymscomplains.com so the magic and you know what you can do with a responsive web design is amazing and let me show you what I can do for you with conciergeseoservices.com 561 239 have a beautiful day and god bless.