Everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to conciergeseoservices.com. I am a website designer yeah I am you know and if you look at my portfolio and we have a portfolio in the actual website and you can see a lot of that stuff especially the color codes the actual themes and so on it’s all my thing you know and you know a lot of times I deal with my people and you know concierge has no customers. I’m a concierge zoning customer and finally we’ve gotten to a point where we got a grip on our websites we’re doing pretty well and now we want to bring in some extra business some extra cash flow because of the covid we’re having a little bit of a slowdown on the lead side and of course we need to create another cash flow another income stream.

We built some really nice stuff and we could prove it to you uh because it’s how we make our money every single day see there’s nothing better than working with a guy like me that what you see is what you get and most important of all you can see my work in action. You could actually if you know what moz or what semrush is, it’s a programs that we have in this business as website designers and SEO specialists where we can go ahead and take a look at your closest competitor and they do all the work for you. I mean you can see his top 10 keywords I mean this keywords are right here you know.

A website designer is like a keyword that one of my top competitors has and right now I’m going to mention this keyword in this video and I’m going to rank on this particular keyword and guess what I’m not using pay-per-click you know so there’s secrets and there’s all kinds of different things that we could do but the design of the website is actually the important thing and you know it’s got to be something that people like. It’s something that people are attracted to but you know what once you get to a static website you’re in trouble, video is the way, video is the key. Hopefully you have someone articulate in your particular organization that can do videos the way I do them spontaneously I hardly ever have to do a second take people like the rawness of using an iPhone or using a laptop or whatever it is you know we don’t need production and we don’t need lights and audio and all that craziness you’re getting the message you know. I’m getting through to you and the bottom line is you know a website designer I may not look like one, but you know what take a look at my stuff and tell me if I’m good or not okay and if you don’t think I’m good take a look at my bank account, maybe that’ll tell you because you know what as far as the lead business is concerned I dominate that business. if own a lot of those keywords and you know I get almost all the action and all the traffic and I build a tremendous you know web a tremendous spider web of the keywords landing pages and different strategies and and i’m dangerous. I’m a caveman that learned a new trick because he got ripped off so many times by people in this business and it’s a rough business. Pay-per-click I’m sorry and I hope google doesn’t hear it but I can’t stand pay-per-click I think it’s a rip-off I can’t wait till google gets sued for the pay-per-clicks and I get a big chunk of money I spent on them because that was the biggest rip-off ever ever. If you’re looking for a website designer who has integrity you know who’s honest who’s not going to rip you off because man this is this business be very careful you know oh we have the silver and we have the gold then we have the uh the platinum. You know oh well if you would have taken the platinum program we would have done much better for you I mean that kind of stuff that they don’t even start building a website until the third week and then they give you this cookie cutter piece of crap and they bought a theme for 50 bucks and inputted your content it’s disgusting you know it’s a disgusting business. I’m sorry and I don’t have a lot of customers I am my best customer. I probably got 50 websites and you take a look at them and you know that should be easy for you to say hey yeah i definitely want this guy working with my stuff look at what he’s done for himself. If you have any questions at all about our portfolio or if you want to have someone do the website design for you call me John Fischer 561-239-0364 that’s conciergeseoservices.com thanks for your time and god bless.