Hey everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to conciergeseoservices.com. So concierge has an interesting background, our story, I’m in the lead business I’m a list broker been doing it for 30 years salesleads.tv is the mothership. Check out that website I think you’d be very surprised and really be surprised at how well the thing ranks. Then take a look at my next best website which is accreditedinvestorleads.com and I got 35 other ones coinleads.com. I’ve got a lot of them and see how I rank you know what a SEMrush program is or what moz is you know take a look. I mean if you ever really become a serious prospect and you want me to go ahead and be involved in building a web page for you know I’ll give you some examples and you can see what’s going on. Even right now if you’re you know shopping around and you want to see like you know what’s up with this guy he talks a good game can he walk his talk and I’ll tell you what if you look at salesleads.tv and look at my videos you may get an idea of what my strategy is because I don’t use pay-per-click everything I do is organic and guess what this is it. This is the motivator this is the attraction and you know my videos are what makes it happen, you want to take a look at what happens if you piss me off visit brendasbirdscomplaints.com you’ll have a lot of fun with that one. My bird flew away this woman someone brought my bird to her and she tried to sell the bird she did she sold the bird within an hour and then when I called up and said hey do you have my bird she says no we only have a yellow cockatiel there is no such thing as there’s yellow on top but there’s no yellow cockatiel. She lied like a rug and then you know what she gave my bird back she had swat waiting for me like I was going to do something serious to her but you know she pissed me off so much that I built a website. I also built ocwencomplaints.com if you know who Ocwen is they’re a billion dollar company and guess what I knocked their asses out now they did open up under a different name but they punished me and they have punished so many people taking people’s homes away. So you know what the website and web pages are a powerful tool they’ve done properly but you have to really be careful because in this business there’s a lot of rip-off that’s why I started the company because I couldn’t trust anybody the last guy who did something for me ripped me off for 16,000. I think he’s just now getting out of jail and when he gets out of jail I’m going to charge him for that sixteen thousand dollars you know the bottom line is it’s a dirty nasty business. If you’re doing pay-per-click be very careful you know call me up and tell me hey I’m doing pay-per-click let me see the actual keywords let me see the budget and let me show you how half of those keywords are you just wasting your money. See the guy who does the pay-per-click campaign makes a percentage of what you spend on google with pay-per-click so he’s going to expand that budget as much as possible. That’s not looking out for your stuff you know that your pocketbook your checkbook so if you want someone that’s honest and someone that’s hands-on and someone that could actually show if you want someone that could show you with his own product and what he’s done for himself and by the way guys I’m in dating sites I’ve got toysforbigboys.com. I’ve got some political sites which we won’t talk about right now because you may hate me after you see them but yes I’m passionate about my politics and I love my country I love the United States of America and I lived in Cuba I saw the whole thing going down that’s a whole different story. I love this country that allowed me to come from Cuba to here and prosper as I did and be free and i just want that freedom. Anyway I don’t know how we got there I’m very passionate about that and these days I’m a little pissed off but that’s okay we all are watching tv right um if you have any questions feel free to call me. If you want to not like me to design your web page I got a good crew my people are good and we know all about customer service and care salesleads.tv my business that I’ve been in business 30 years has an A+ rating that should tell you a little bit about my character. Once you get to know me real simple, no filters no candy coating, transparent in your face you love me or you hate me but at least what you see is what you got. If you have any questions feel free to call me 561-239-0364 and if you’re looking for a hot web page call conciergeseoservices.com 561-239-0364 thanks for your time and god bless.