Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to concierge seoservices.com so let’s talk about landing pages. So concierge SEO services is a company and I am its best customer. You see I have a lot of websites I was tired of getting ripped up by other website companies and I said you know let’s start our own and let’s hire people for ourselves and we’ll at least control the people that are doing our websites and SEO and so forth and it worked out really well. You know what happened was we ended up figuring out some different strategies and I’m not going to share all my strategies with you, but I’ll give you a couple of them and the bottom line is that we have a strategy of taking a look at what your product is taking a look at the keywords and then going from those key words and going to go daddy and buying as many relevant urls with those keywords as possible and then what we do is we create what’s called a landing page. So a landing page is cheap 100 bucks maybe and you know pretty much what it is you know let’s just say puppydogs.com you know is taken you know you could have puppydogs.net.org.info.tv or whatever or let’s just say for instance I’m in the lead business and salesleads.tv is the actual url I did that it’s a long story but uh back in those days it was info USA I was competing against and I created that actual url to capture their super bowl advertising and it worked like a champ. The bottom line is that the url itself if you own puppydogs.net if someone punches in puppy dogs and you have a real website or even a landing page you’re going to be on page one because you own puppydogs.net you know so you know I’ve heard well google frowns upon url keywords. I don’t know you can frown all you want if it’s available I’m going to buy it and they’re expensive sometimes but if you’re smart you know how to grab them you know. So a landing page is actually a little mini website that what it does it depending on the actual keyword or the url that you use on its own merits it’s going to get visitors to come in and you know you go for that landing site and then from that landing site you can do a hyperlink that takes you right to the actual main website. So it could do two things it could actually advertise a product all by itself it would be a freestanding scenario, but uh for the most part that landing page will point them or hyperlink them to the actual website itself so it’s an interesting strategy and if you have a big website you can have a lot of landing pages that bring that traffic. Also and set up a network of landing pages that funnel all those visitors into the main website itself listen I’m a caveman and if I can figure this out you can figure this out and the bottom line is you got integrity here. I could let you check out many of my companies and everything we did ourselves so that’s what you want I’m the kind of guy if you want something done you do it yourself if you’re real technical and you want some real high-tech website I’m probably not going to be your guy but I’m definitely going to be able to handle anything between one and five million a year you know that kind of traffic. The bottom line is that you know we know how to do that obviously we’ve been doing it for a long time give you a couple of other websites toysforbig boys.com that’s one of our babies. If you want something brand new that we just started building last week is immuneshield.tv tremendous nutritional product I’ve been taking it for 25 years. If you want to have some fun the woman that tried to rob my bird when he flew away brendasbirds complaints.com so you want to see the lighter side of me, the funny side of me and also what happens if you piss me off side of me because uh I built that website and it definitely hurt her and and continues to hurt her. I said hey apologize on the website and I’ll give you the website after six months you can have the website the url you can have everything but she won’t admit it she won’t admit that she tried to rob my bird and that she lied like a rug you know she called swat police said I was racing up and down her street uh her parking lot there’s not even room to even park your car in that parking lot just such a liar. Anyway that’s a different story and I’m off on a tangent, but you know what you’re going to have so much fun looking at that website you’ll say wow this is this is going to be fun working with this guy. If you have any questions at all and you want to learn the secrets of landing pages call me John Fischer 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and god bless.

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