Hi! Everybody, welcome to concierge SEOservices.com and my name is john Fischer, I own the company and you know what? For many, many years and my companies have been in this doubt for 32 years, we have an A+ rating. We have various types of companies, we’ve got — basically we are a list broker, salesleads.TV and you take a look at our website and the portfolio will show you all the websites we have built, you can check out how hot they are but we also have toys for bigboys.com. We’re currently doing some dating websites and you’ll get an idea of who we are and how good we are. When I look for the name to use for the company I said to myself you know, ‘’what should we call it?’’ Number 1: keep SEO services because; I need the rankings and that’s an important part of you know Google is what are you looking for, I’m looking for SEO services but that word ‘concierge’ is one of my favorite word’s. I used to have a company called ‘’The Concierge Dating’’ it was really, really cool. We were actually matching men and women up, professionals and it worked very, very well. And so I love that concierge concept that I said to myself, ‘’you know what? I’m gonna bring it to the search engine optimization arena’’ and we will give you that kind of service. When you call us, we’re here it’s not gonna be one of these things where you have to worry about; getting in touch with an 8 hour later time zone or having to worry about not being able to get a hold of somebody or being a cookie cutter type of a scenario. You know we’re going to be doing some custom work and believe me; when you get into my portfolio and start looking at my websites, you are gonna be amazed by what this caveman has done on his own and now with the technical team behind me, picking up the slack of what I’d hadn’t been doing, it’s gonna be fantastic. You have any questions call me, John Fischer 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and god bless!