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Responsive Images and You

March 24, 2014 0 comments Uncategorized

Responsive Design has been a focal point of the web design and development community for the past few years. Essentially, Responsive Design allows a webpage to change its size and orientation to present itself in the best possible way based on viewport size.  This technique has revolutionized the way web pages work, but is not without its drawbacks, particularly in the form of responsive images.


Images that scale with screen resolution initially seem like a godsend; a large picture can fill a desktop screen when needed but can also remain fully-visible on a mobile device. Genius! But what happens when a mobile-user without wifi has to download a full HD 1080×1920 pixel image only to display it at one tenth of that resolution? Precious processing power is wasted and the site becomes painfully slow to load. This is just one problem the responsive image community is hoping to solve by creating a standard method for dealing with responsive images.


There is no official solution to this problem yet, but in the meantime many talented developers have been collaboratively pursuing one. <Picturefill> is a polyfill element that uses media queries to present an appropriately-sized image on the page. While it is effective, it is not perfect, and it is still a workaround, not an integrated method for dealing with responsive images. Services like Imagefly provide off-site resizing and formatting of images for a fee. Since the processing is done off-site, this method can severely cut down on load time, so for some sites the added speed can be worth the cost. Still, a standardized, effective solution for responsive images might put this service out of business.


(Photo from


The real solution to this problem is expected to come out of the Responsive Images Community Group, a collaborative of developers working together to create a dedicated HTML element to handle responsive images. As of right now the front-runner is a combination of the <picture> and <srcset> elements. Basically, <picture> will be able to create an appropriately-sized reference to display through the original <img> element.


Why is this important for Search Engine Optimization? As Google’s search algorithm becomes more advanced, having an up-to-date site structure will increase web authority and rank the page higher in search results. As responsive sites become the norm, older fixed-position pages will see a loss in search engine ranking. Minimizing loading time can be a large factor in getting conversions as well, since users are more likely to look for other options the longer a site takes to load. Responsive Images can improve both your sites design and ease of interaction while simultaneously increasing search engine optimization.

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Public Keyword Rank Report

February 26, 2014 2 comments Uncategorized

It’s been an exciting couple of months for LatinConnections.TV! Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the chart:


Latin Connections Keyword Rank Report
Nov-13 Feb-14
Keyword Google Google
all south american countries 0 0
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dating latin america 27 7
dating latina 0 0
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free latina dating 18 68
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latin america dating 31 6
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latin american dating 35 7
latin american dating sites 20 12
latin american girls 0 0
latin brides 35 0
latin date 16 0
latin dating 42 19
latin dating free 25 16
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latin dating sites 27 12
latin dating sites free 0 12
latin ladies 18 0
latin single women 19 0
latin singles 24 20
latin women 50 0
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latin women singles 31 0
latina dating 21 7
latina dating site 20 6
latina dating sites 27 7
latina singles 59 0
latino dating 39 25
latino dating site 69 27
latino dating sites 39 21
latino online dating 0 0
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meet latin singles 0 70
meet latin women 48 0
single latin women 40 0
south american brides 79 50
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south american girls for marriage 0 0
south american women 0 0

When they first started with Concierge SEO last September, Latin Connections was a fresh site with high hopes but low traffic. We helped choose strong keywords, tailored the site content around them to optimize search engine placement, and within two months Latin Connections had developed a serious presence in key search results.

But that wasn’t enough! Three months later and we have pushed over ten of Latin Connections’  keywords onto the front page, with the rest hot on their heels. We won’t quit until Latin Connections ranks number one!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out how Concierge SEO can maximize your web exposure and bring ideal customers straight to your doorstep.

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